MTOclean Inc Franchise Opportunity Review

It does not matter what type of place it is. It can be a home, an office, a shopping mall and many other such places. It is obvious that cleanliness is an important concern, which actually helps a place to thrive. You have to keep your home or office clean as always. This will help you in many aspects as it also reflects your standards and reputation. It is not possible for a single person to clean a big office or a huge mansion if you are busy. To make things easy for busy people and save their time, many cleaning service companies have come up in the market. These service companies provide a work force to people to clean their whole place without any extra problems. MTOclean Inc. Franchise is one such company, which can help you with your cleaning needs. If you are thinking of starting a business, this MTOclean Inc. Franchise Review can help you in deciding what franchise business is right for you.

Background: The Franchise was founded in the year of 1988. It was started under the name of Maids to Order, which primarily operated as a maid service company for residential purposes. However, in July 2004, an investment firm, Merrymeeting Inc., which specialized in acquisition of franchised brands and development, acquired MTOclean Inc. Franchise. Merry meeting Inc and their management recognized the need, which was for a single cleaning service provider, which would be beneficial to both the residential as well as commercial markets. With this new and innovative vision, the company changed its name and logo. This new company was called as MTOclean Inc. The company started its operations with a very clear vision and mission.

Advantages of investment in the Franchise: There are many advantages of investing in this MTOclean Inc. Franchise. They are-

· Unmatched income potential from protected territories through service diversification

· You will be getting coaching, mentoring and ongoing support from a management team with experienced professionals.

· This is a distinct service franchise concept, which has not been duplicated by other cleaning franchises in the market.

· You will be provided office management software, which is customized free of cost to help you in running your business in all aspects.

With the Franchise, you can offer your clients with-

1. Air Duct Cleaning

2. Janitorial/ Maid Services

3. Power Washing Services

4. Stone and Wood Floor Care

5. Drape / Carpet/ Upholstery Cleaning

Start-up fees and franchise costs:

Total Investment to be done initially: $17,300 – $198,950
Ongoing Royalty Fee to be paid: 3%
Cash liquidity requirement: $5,000 – $20,000
Franchise fees to be paid: $5,000 – $24,900
Term of Agreement: 15 years, renewable
Min Net Worth: $25,000
Advertising Fees: N/A

These are some of the facts and figures, which are included in this MTOclean Inc. Franchise Review. Purchasing this any franchise or business is a decision which should be carefully considered, well thought out, deeply researched and made with education.

Did you know that more than 80% of ALL franchises fail and those who start their franchise end up in debt working for years to pay it off. Learn how you can avoid the high risk and start up costs of a traditional franchise business.

ACN Inc – How To Generate More Leads Than You Ever Thought Possible For Your ACN Business

ACN Inc has completely revolutionized the telecommunications industry. However, no matter how great this company or their products are, it takes a lot more than that to be successful with their business opportunity. If you want to build a successful ACN inc business, you need to know how to generate massive amounts of leads on demand.

If you are currently trying to build an ACN Inc business and you are not generating at least 50+ leads per day, make sure you finish reading the rest of this article…

How To Generate More Leads Than You Ever Thought Possible For Your ACN Inc Business

Video Marketing – This is a great way to rank high in the search engines for people looking for more information about ACN Inc. There are well over 600,000 searches done every month on Google regarding ACN and Google loves videos. Video marketing is probably the quickest way to get to the first page of the search results. You’ll want to record a short video talking about ACN, the company, the products, the compensation plan, and how you can help people be successful with their business opportunity.

Be sure to use ACN in your video title, description, and keyword tags so the search engines can find you. And for all you camera shy folks who are terrified of getting in front of the camera to shoot a video, recording a power point presentation on your screen is just as effective!

Google PPC – With Google PPC you can get much faster results, however this will require a small budget. The idea is to write short compelling ads that will be placed on the top and too the right of the search results when someone does a search in Google. You are extremely limited with writing space so you have to try and capture your prospects attention with only a few words. The cool thing about Google PPC is that it is very targeted meaning that your ads will only display when someone is searching for more information on ACN Inc or network marketing. This will ensure that the leads you get are very targeted leads.

There is and has been many successful network marketing business built completely using one or both of these techniques. These are very powerful forms of marketing and if you take the time to learn and apply them to your ACN Inc business, you will without a doubt generate more leads than you can handle.

For Earth Inc Review – Healthy Living and Financially Free

When a lot of individuals found about a new chance they Google it straight and do a lookup to attempt to locate what other people feel and talk about it. And as of, For Earth Inc Evaluation I am proceeding to take on an inert appear at the organization behind the Force energy additive. I’m not linked with the organization nor have a personal agenda with them, anticipate a unbiased and honest rating.

In Miami, Florida where For Earth Inc is located and with distribution facilities spanning 7 various nations and counting. Their principal item is named Force and process as a energy and motor conditioner that facilitates to lubricate motor chambers to decrease tear and wear. The energy additive also makes energy combust a lot more absolutely permitting for a tiny obtain in energy economy and up to a 30% lessening damaging energy resource emissions.

The company is referred to as an ‘Eco Friendly’ organization and also presents a full nutrition line providing goods to assist in anti-aging and to help an general healthy immune method. The product that is referred as Generate1000 is their main nutritional that is in one serving straws.

For Earth Inc’s item Generate1000 consists of a blend of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Colostrum, Laminaria, Fucoidon, Japonica, and Zeolites. It is stated to assist with memory, anti-aging, endocrine, mental acuity and immune technique assist as nicely as supplying important vitamins and minerals.

In addition to Generate1000 the For Earth Inc item line also contains a total set of Colostrum centered goods in capsule and chewable form as effectively as numerous weight management and digestive goods aimed at wholesome living.

The classic binary method that gives 15% on your lesser leg is the For Earth Inc compensates. Most businesses only shell out 10% so this features a increased spend out then some but also includes a cap of $7500 per shell out period no matter what position you attain.

Matching bonus is included as other bonuses and incorporated numerously as the pay-out program, Several bonus pools, Buyer Acquisition bonus and Quickly commence bonus. Following evaluating the shell out strategy I have determined that it is fair and lucrative particularly if you realize how to get your possibility in front of several men and women on everyday basis.

A single region that For Earth Inc fails to provide fantastic value is in their Net Advertising and consumer acquisition instruction. Though the company states that they have corporate branding initiatives this doesn’t directly benefit the For Earth Inc distributor unless you know how to get your marketing all more than the spot and efficiently brand name your self and not just the business. Most common to companies is that they do not offer their reps satisfactory advertising equipment or World wide web Advertising expertise.

Understanding ability in Social Media, Blogging, Video Marketing and PPC, to name a couple of, are the expertise that will make your efforts with For Earth Inc lucrative and fun.Getting a MLM Advertising Method that teaches you the expertise and provides you the equipment necessary to brand name on your own all more than the web will make you irresistible to your prospective prospects. When you carry out a Foreathinc review make sure you think about how you are heading to spread the word.If you don’t mind calling on good friends and family members till you are blue in the face then possibly a technique is not needed.

Sears Home and Business Franchise Review

Many business opportunities are available nowadays. With small investments, one can start his business as a franchise of an established company with its training and complete business support. Many of them offer franchises that can be started at your home. Sears Home and Business franchises Inc. also offers this. This Sears Home and Business Franchises Inc. Franchise review can help you obtain important information of the company.

Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. was founded in 1992. Its head office is in Ohio. It has been offering franchises since 1999. It is a publicly held company having 18 employees and 3 employees in franchise department. Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. is a brand name that is trusted by all American homeowners. It is engaged in offering variety of cleaning services. It is ranked 19 as fastest growing franchise in 2011 while bagged ranking 85 in low cost franchises. It offers a home based business having lots of potential for growth.

Benefits: Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. has emerged as well-known brand for cleaning services in American homeowners. It offers three types of home services franchise business models as carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and garage solutions. The carpet and upholstery cleaning services include tile and grout cleaning, water extraction etc. Air duct cleaning services contain clothes dryer vent cleaning and products such as air purifiers, furnace filters etc. Garage solutions include garage door repairs, sales, flooring and storage products. Besides this, Sears also offers two retail business models like Sears home appliance showroom and Sears hardware stores. Thus there are many alternatives for the people want to obtain a franchise from Sears. Some of the benefits availing franchise of Sears are –

· Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. is a recognized brand name. It has launched other successful international brands like Kenmore, DieHard, Craftsman etc. As a franchise of Sears one can definitely get advantage of this brand to grow business significantly.

· Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. has introduced systematic and advanced cleaning processes that are well approved. It provides all the technologies, processes and methods to the franchises to serve their customers with quality services.

· It offers comprehensive training programs and ongoing support through newsletter, meetings and toll free phone lines etc.

· Besides safety procedures, field operations, it offers advantage of cooperative purchasing to minimize business expenses and gain more profits.

· It gives marketing support through cooperative advertising, ad slicks, and through other recognized marketing procedures like website, internet, yellow pages etc.

· It provides finance assistance through its special financing plan. You have to pay 20% as down payment and 80% is financed by Sears with 7% interest for ten years.

Investments for Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc.: The Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc franchise fee is $4,860 to $94,500. Royalty fee is 8-10%. The total investment ranges from $25,960 to $191,550. The agreement is for ten years and is renewable.

Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc. is a nationwide growing business committed to quality and satisfactory customer service. It is working in cleaning services for homeowners. Being a part of it means getting immense business growth and success. With the small investments you can start this home based Sears Home and Business Franchise Inc franchise business and there is no need to invest large amounts for initial setups and office. With the help of 3-10 employees you can operate your business comfortably. Sears provides all support for training, its innovative technologies and procedures along with marketing support.

Did you know that more than 80% of ALL franchises fail and those who start their franchise end up in debt working for years to pay it off. Learn how you can avoid the high risk and start up costs of a traditional franchise business.

Is Ignite A Good MLM Business Or A Waste Of Time?

Anyone in the market for a business that is able to create a residual income and markets a product that is more than easy to sell should look into Ignite Inc. While this is a multi-level marketing type of business, the product that is being sold is something that will never go out of demand. They deal in energy. Everything about humanity as we know it revolves around the use of energy. Ignite Inc. allows us the opportunity to make money every time someone uses energy to do something.

The way that it works is those involved with the business get others to become a user of the services offered by Stream Energy. They are what is known as the parent company of Ignite Inc. It might sound odd to be selling energy, but the truth is that you are simply signing up customers for a service that is something they already use every day.

Ignite Inc. was founded in 2005 in order to generate more sales for Stream Energy. Stream Energy sells both natural gas and electricity. They began business in Texas after the deregulation, and they chose a new structure for marketing through multi-level marketing. This means that they rely mostly on the sales of the individual distributors rather than other marketing techniques. Ignite Inc. has now expanded from Texas into Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Maryland.

For about five years now Ignite Inc. has been able to show that their business is not only successful, but thriving too. With 400,000 subscribers setting record sales for the company in 2010 with total sales being almost a billion dollars. Ignite Inc. now ranks as the 14th largest company in direct sales, and they are in with those that are growing the fastest too.

Those interested in joining Ignite Inc. can start at what they call the Director Level. In order to join at this level, you will have to pay a small fee and will be given the option of purchasing a personal website. The website will prove to be very useful as a tool for marketing.

There are other perks to purchasing the website as well. In order to earn bonuses through the company you need to have 4 accounts. You start with your personal account, and then the website counts as an additional two accounts. This means that you now will only need one more account to start earning your bonuses. The 4 accounts are also required to get to the next level of the business, Qualified Director Level. Some of the other levels from the top down are Executive Director, Senior Director, and Managing Director. Your ability to get to these levels is all dependent on your number of accounts personally enrolled.

There are a number of different income opportunities with Ignite Inc. Some are from the direct sales, and some from bonuses. There are other ways too. They offer $100 for each distributor that you personally enroll within your first month. You only have to keep your qualifications active in order to keep earning money. Learn more about Ignite Inc. today!

While this looks like a great MLM business, you still need to know how to market it in order to be successful. Right now, marketing on the internet gets you in front of millions literally at the push of a button.

Billboard Connection Inc Franchise Review

The marketing of businesses is itself a vast industry today. If you are looking for a business that offers marketing services, the Billboard Connection Inc. franchise review can help you in starting a new business in the marketing field. If you already have ab advertising agency, you can grow your business and services with Billboard Connection Inc. franchise. It is a company offering services for outdoor advertisements.

Background: Billboard Connection Inc. was founded in 1997. Its main office is located in West Palm Beach Florida. It started offering franchises in 2003. Now, it has around 100 franchises. It is expanding its business to offering worldwide franchises. Billboard is an advertising agency that focuses on outdoor media for advertisements. It offers local, regional and national outdoor campaigns and event marketing services. It offers local market knowledge and analysis on national scale. With this analysis, Billboard Connection Inc. franchise can provide real market intelligence and advertising services to their clients. It also offers services of expert analysis on outdoor advertising formats to different businesses and offers the best possible marketing solutions with in the budgets of their clients.

Benefits of Owning a franchise: The company is works in outdoor advertising field. It is ranked 55 in low cost franchises while in top home-based franchises it is ranked 81 in 2011. As a Billboard Connection Inc. franchise, you can start your business by investing below $40,000. It can be a home based business, so there are no initial setup requirements. In addition, this business can be handled by one person which saves extra overhead expenses on recruiting employees. Besides this, there are numerous benefits of owning Billboard Connection Inc. franchise. They are –

· It is home based business and working hours are flexible.

· Billboard helps you in developing your customer base in your area. The Billboard Connection Inc. franchise gets exclusive area for its operation.

· You can obtain complete training in one week at the headquarters. It provides training at your site too.

· Billboard provides ongoing support through different methods like newsletter, internet, meetings etc.

· As a marketing company, you can get full marketing support through ad slicks and regional advertising.

The Billboard provides complete range of services from concept to completion of design, production, and installation. The Billboard Connection Inc. franchise provides complete help and support to offer all these services to your clients.

Investments for the franchise: The franchise fee is $24,500. Its ongoing royalty fee is 3.5%. It offers terms of agreement for twenty years and it is renewable. The total investment can approximately range from $42,000 to $66000. The general industry experience and marketing skills are sufficient to conduct this business.

The Billboard Connection Inc. is providing outdoor advertising services in the vast marketing industry. It conducts local, regional and national level outdoor campaigns and marketing events for their clients. Its experts analyze the local as well as national markets as well as outdoor advertising formats to give assured success to their clients.

Did you know that more than 80% of ALL franchises fail and those who start their franchise end up in debt working for years to pay it off. Learn how you can avoid the high risk and start up costs of a traditional franchise business.

An Unbiased Initials Inc Review – Is Initials Inc A Good Business Opportunity To Join?

If you’re reading this review, you are probably looking to join Initials Inc and you are looking to do some last minute research before shelling out your money to get started. Before you join, I want to encourage you to take a moment to go over this entire review. I’ll cover some essential information you’re going to want to know including details about the company, the products and the actual business opportunity. In addition, I’ll share what you’re really going to need to succeed in building a prosperous Initials Inc business. Before proceeding, I want to disclose that I am not an Initials Inc distributor so you can be sure that you’ll get a true unbiased perspective of the company.

Who Is Initials Inc And What Do They Sell?

Initials Inc is a network marketing company that markets personalized handbags and accessories. The Georgia based company was started in 2005 by two sisters, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall. Initially started as a small DSA party plan company, Initials Inc has grown to a nationwide multi-million dollar empire. Based on the information on the company website, the company looks like they are ready for future growth, which is good to know if you’re looking to get involved with the company.

As far as their products go, the company markets personalized handbags and accessories. A major reason the company has done well is because they have distributors, or creative partners as they are called, who promote the products to their friends and family in home presentations. This model works well because potential customers are in a familiar and comfortable environment and the ‘home parties’ are very social and fun.

How Do You Make Money With Initials Inc?

In order to become a distributor, or ‘creative partner’, you have to purchase a starter kit. The start kit cost $139 plus tax and shipping and includes over 13 products for you, catalogs, order forms and other marketing tools. You’ll also get a free website for your first 3 months you can share with your potential prospects. The actual compensation plan provides a few different ways to make money including a 25% base commission, recruitment bonuses, sales bonuses and other promotional bonuses. Like other network marketing opportunities, you can earn commissions on your personal sales and overrides on sales made by people on your team. Overall, the business opportunity can be lucrative for the right person.

Is Initials Inc A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, Initials Inc looks to be a solid business opportunity. There are good leaders at the helm, good products and a lucrative compensation plan. While having those three things in place are beneficial, it will take much more than that to succeed. At the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor people into your team and sell the products. My suggestion is that you incorporate Attraction Marketing into your business so you can leverage the internet to get leads. If you can combine Attraction Marketing and home parties together, you can very well be on your way to building a prosperous Initials Inc business.

Success with your business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your network marketing downline by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

Initials Inc Review – Is Initials Inc a Legitimate Home Business?

In this Initials Inc review, I will be answering some key questions for those who are currently researching Initials Inc for their home based business. Who is Initials Inc? What is it exactly that they offer? Do they offer a legitimate business opportunity? Lets begin my review of this company!

With their roots going back to 2005, two sisters, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall established Initials Inc with a goal to help women achieve their dream of finding creativity, flexibility, and success. They had a desire to contribute to the financial needs of their family, at the same time as find a social outlet for themselves. Little did they know that this business would transform their lives, and the lives of many others who have joined them.

Initials Inc offers a wide assortment of products ranging from garment bags, backpacks, purses, towels, kitchen products, and water bottles to name a few. They offer just about anything that you can imagine, and each item comes personalized with monograms.

Initials Inc distributes their products through a large network of Creative Partners (representatives), making them well-known for the multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity that they offer.

For those who desire to become a Creative Partner with Initials Inc, the cost for your starter kit will be $139, excluding any shipping and handling charges and applicable taxes. You will receive 13 products to showcase, a personalized website, and the essential business supplies for your first four home parties.

Creative Partners earn 25% commissions on every product that they successfully sell on their behalf. As you begin your recruiting efforts, and reach certain milestones in your Initials Inc business, you will participate in bonus opportunities as well. Build a large organization, and teach those in your downline to achieve success in their business, and Initials Inc will reward you accordingly.

In my opinion, Initials Inc is a very legitimate company with a unique opportunity for woman who have a desire to participate in a fun and uplifting home party atmosphere. This is a multi-level marketing business opportunity, so the methods of contacting friends, family, neighbors, and close associates will be the business building practices that you will become accustomed to. If you have a strong desire to build a business in this manner, and have a passion for the products that they offer, then Initials Inc is a solid opportunity to participate in.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a home based business that will be best suited for you and your family.

Dave Fennell is an Investment Advisor who is transitioning into a Home Based Business in Internet Marketing. He specializes in Article Marketing, Blogging, Social Network Marketing, Video Marketing, and many other Top Online Marketing Strategies.

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Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity Is Not Your Business

The hall as usual was filled with several eager reps ready to do business and succeed with their MLM program. After the soft cool music of “We are the world…” died down the speaker mounted the podium and began to motivate the teaming distributors.

One of the things he said that I took to heart was “This is your business; make sure you promote it everywhere you go… tell your family, tell your friends, call up your colleagues…”

I was quite sure it was going to work given the enthusiasm of the speaker and literally all distributors in the hall. Several years down the line doing all of those only ended up multiplying my struggling, rejection and frustrations.

It took me years of hard work without any impressive result, no money and piles of debts to pay to realize that the mantra “This is your business…” promoted at most MLM business opportunity meetings and training sessions is incorrect and not true. It is a business no doubt, but not Your business.

See what you get when you believe that mantra and begin to front it before any prospect you see: Rejection, Frustration and sometimes, resentment.

Your Business that You Should Promote

Your MLM business opportunity belongs not to you, but the promoters. So what is Your Business that you should build and promote?

If you do not recognize your business that you should promote and instead continue doing what they said you should do at most of the Network Marketing Opportunity meetings you attend, you will end up broke. You want to know what business is that you should promote instead, yes.

It is the YOU, Inc.

Know from this moment that the YOU, Inc is your business that you should promote and spend money and time building and promoting.

The assignment for you now will be to really think seriously about what the YOU, Inc is about and how you go about building and promoting it. What are your strengths and opportunities within you that will be of value to business opportunity seekers?

Building your YOU, Inc involves adding value to the people of the world, becoming the most sought after leader in the industry. It helps you to totally end rejection in Network Marketing and build your Home Based Business without struggle.

The YOU, Inc is about positioning you as the business instead of your company. MLM companies will certainly come and go but YOU will remain. Think about it for a moment, how many companies have come and gone since you or someone you know started in Network Marketing? Ask around, the legacy you will leave behind for your family long after you are gone is the business the YOU, Inc you left behind for them. I know we were told we would hand our distributorship over to our family, but what if the company is no more by the time your children are ready? While writing these lines the name of an industry legend just popped into my mind. He went home to glory in 2009, and his legacy will never be forgotten by his family and many of us who have been blessed through his works. His foundation, personal products and businesses are still bringing in money. Jim Rohn lives on even while he is away from this planet-check to confirm. Can you say the same of your business after you are gone?

To build your YOU, Inc you need to build up yourself to add value to the world, you need to be hunted by business opportunity seekers and not you seeking and chasing them around.

Friend, it’s time to stop believing that you MLM business opportunity is your business and start building yours today.

One great place to start and succeed with building your YOU, Inc today is MLSP and you could start by attending any one of the Free webinars.

Ifeanyi Uche.
Home Business Entrepreneur and Coach.
To build your YOU, Inc and end rejection in your Home Based Business, live the good life and create wealth that will give your family a legacy to fall back on even after you’re gone you need to join our team. Your need to become an industry leader and meet great leaders in the industry that will deliver all the training and support you need to succeed will be met when you join us.
Visit my website above and read more about how you can join our team to get started building your unique YOU, Inc brand..

Initials Inc. Review: Can Initials Inc. Give You That Extra Income You Are Looking For?

With so many companies to choose from today, it can be very difficult to find a good one to choose from. I know that you are a little apprehensive at first but that is natural. By the time you finish reading this unbiased Initials Inc. review, you will have a better understanding of this company and it business opportunity. But, most importantly, how to make sure that you are MASSIVELY successful and have one of the top home party businesses within the company.

Who Is Initials, Inc. and What is their product?

Let’s start with some facts about the company first. Initials Inc. is a Georgia–based company located in the town of Clarksville. It is a national home party plan company offering only the best in personalized products. The products are mainly handbags that are customized with personalized monograms on them which comes free.

Intials Inc. was founded in 2005 by two sisters by the name of Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall. The company started off as a small Direct Selling Association party plan company. It has now quickly grown into a multi-million, nationwide, network marketing. The reps are called Independent Creative Partners which numbers in the thousands.

The products are marketed by these Creative Partners by telling friends, families and co-workers. They have IN–HOME parties to promote the products and opportunity. This can be very effective and has been for this company since the attendees at an initials party know each other for the most part and they are in a very comfortable setting.

How do I get started and How do I earn Income with Initials, Inc.?

You would first purchase a starter kit for about $139.00 which includes 13 products, catalogs, order forms, post card invitations, and a Fabric Ring. It includes also business supplies and training materials to help you with your first four parties. You also get a FREE personalized website and customer newsletter for your first 3 months to do a party plan online.

You will earn 25% commission on everything you sell from the beginning. When you choose to build a TEAM, you can earn up to 36% on your PERSONAL sales and plus additional bonuses and commissions from the sales of members of your team. There is also recruiting, promotion, and leadership bonuses to be earned as well. So, this is how you get your own my Initials Inc. started.

Is there still an Opportunity to make money with Intials Inc.?

I would say that there is still much opportunity with this company. The leadership is very solid and experienced. The products are ones that are in high demand thus far. They are growing very rapidly and are in all 50 states to conduct business. The compensation plan is very reasonable and fair. You do not have hundreds of thousands of Independent Creative Partners in this company. So, the upside potential is definitely present.

In conclusion, this company has all the right pieces in place for one to feel confident about joining. However, when it is all said and done, you will have to be able to sponsor or recruit more people in order to be massively successful or earn a decent income. Selling those gorgeous handbags will require you to get in front of as many people as you can as an individual or as a team. One way to do that is to learn how to market yourself FIRST, generate targeted leads for your business, and learn how to process these leads and sales with cutting-edge technology.

If you can find a mentor that can help you with this missing ingredient to the Initials Inc. solid business opportunity pie, then you will have a winning formula to be successful and have a major advantage over the rest of the members of the Initals Inc. company. I wish you the very best!

Ricky Bernard Mills is a Master Internet Marketer, Who Shows Beginning Network Marketers How to Use Razor-Sharp Technology With Precision, to Generate 10-25 Leads Daily and Auto-Pilot Your Recruiting Efforts, so You Can Profit in Your Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. For Your Free Report, Click Here at []